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About us

Diagenode Diagnostics is now a part of Hologic. Read the press release here.


  • Kits compatible to most IVD platforms
  • Quantitative and qualitative tests allow flexibility
  • Ease of use reduces clinical errors
  • Specific and sensitive kits for reliable results
  • Sample flexibility (swab, blood, sputum, ...)
  • Rapid time-to-results

Research & development

Diagenode’s tests accurately detect infectious pathogens both qualitatively and quantitatively and can produce timely test results allowing a better, cost-effective patient care.

We specifically focus on producing highly sensitive and specific real-time PCR kits as qPCR has rapidly emerged as a standard for clinical molecular laboratories in diagnostic testing.


Diagenode is ISO13485 and the kits are CE marked for In Vitro Diagnostic use.

Our ISO 13485 certification signifies that we respect procedures and quality controls for health products from the conception to the commercialisation. We answer to many requirements regarding internet website, traceability, marketing and sales procedures, customer satisfaction.

The CE label shows that our products are in conformity with the European Union recommendations from Directive 98/79/EC for IVD medical devices. The CE label guarantees clearly the transparency of products specifications, safety, respect for the environment and consumers protection.

Kit format

Diagenode’s real-time PCR kits consist of primers and use labeled DNA oligonucleotide probes with a fluorophore (TaqMan® probe).

In a multiplex assay these probes are labeled with different fluorophores to distinguish the different pathogens or strains.

Next to the validated primers and probes, the kits also contain a positive control for each specific pathogen, a negative control and a DNA or RNA extraction /inhibition control.


In addition, Diagenode actively collaborates with medical and scientific experts in molecular diagnostics to develop and ensure the highest quality, clinically-validated tests

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