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Certificate of analysis

Now you can download your certificate of analysis online from the product pages.

Respiratory infections

Recent pandemics H1N1 shows how important it is to be able to quickly develop rapid and highly reliable diagnostic tests. Diagenode team was among the first to release a kit in 2009.

gastroenteritis infections

Gastroenteritis Infections in the developed world are a major cause of hospitalisation in 'at risk' groups such as children and the elderly. Rapid detection is particularly necessary to avoid and control outbreaks.

sexually transmitted DISEASES

Screening of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) caused virus, bacteria and parasites is increasing in volume and importance.

herpes viruses

Cost effective and rapid screening of the Herpes simplex virus is critical for epidemiologic reasons.


We offer a rapid multiplex test for Meningitis pathogens (Neiserria and Streptococcus pneumoniae). Point of care tests will soon be introduced for screening of newborn babies.

other pathogens

Diagenode is continually developing new, cost effective, high quality Q-PCR tests for the detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites. We can also develop tests on your request.

Diagenode controls

We have designed and validated universal, DNA extraction and inhibition controls to run with all our kits giving you peace of mind with the results you obtain.

diagenode dyes

Click here to learn more about running Diagenode Dyes on your Real-Time PCR instrumentation.