COMPANY | Diagnostics story

Accurate and dependable diagnostics are essential to patient care. Diagenode’s IVD detection kits assure clinicians of infectious disease test results that are rapid, quantitative, cost-effective, and reliable.

Since 2003, Diagenode has provided highly trusted and cost-effective In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) kits for viral, bacterial and parasites detection for a wide number of diseases. Using our combined expertise in nucleic acid technologies and IVD diagnostics, Diagenode offers a large unique portfolio of multiplex and monoplex real-time PCR (qPCR) detection kits.

In addition, Diagenode actively collaborates with medical and scientific experts in the field to develop and ensure the highest quality, clinically-validated tests. Diagenode is ISO9001 and ISO13485 and the kits are CE marked for In Vitro Diagnostic use.

The headquarter of Diagenode is based in Liege, Belgium, but has subsidiary’s in Sparta (New Jersey, USA), UK and France.

Advantages of Diagenode Diagnostics Nucleic Acid Based IVDs

  • CE certified
  • Clinically approved and validated kits assure highest quality
  • Quantitative and qualitative tests allows flexibility
  • Ease of use reduces clinical errors
  • Simple kit format eliminates need for viral, bacterial and parasites culture
  • Specific and sensitive for reliable results
  • Sample flexibility (swab, blood, and sputum)
  • Rapid time to results for more responsive patient care
  • Expert helpdesk

Diagenode Diagnostics Strengths

  • Our team of diagnostic experts collaborates closely with experts in the field.
  • We provide an open platform with kits adaptable to most IVD Platforms.
  • We offer competitive pricing on all IVD kits.

Kit Format

Diagenode’s kits contain:

  • Validated primers
  • Validated probes
  • Positive control for specific pathogen
  • DNA & RNA extraction control
  • qPCR inhibition control

Our kits are designed and validated for different qPCR platforms and different extraction protocols.

Diagenode Diagnostics kits do not contain a PCR master mix. Our kits, however, have been validated with most commonly used and commercially available master mixes. Upon request, Diagenode can provide suggestions for selecting the optimal master mix.

Company Focus

Diagenode’s tests accurately detect infectious pathogens both qualitatively and quantitatively and can produce timely test results allowing for better, cost-effective patient care.

Diagenode specialises in developing innovative kits for advanced molecular diagnostics. We specifically focus on producing highly sensitive and specific real-time PCR kits as qPCR has rapidly emerged as a standard for clinical molecular laboratories in diagnostic testing.

Our kits contain the full spectrum of materials required to obtain reliable and fast test results, including validated primers, probes, and controls for the detection and quantification of targeted pathogens.

In addition, we design, develop, and validate our kits in close collaboration with experts in the field.